• Rioux Vision—A Multifunctional Workstation
  • Storage for Scanners and Hand Sanitizers
  • Sculpted Handle and Concealed Keyboard Drawer
  • Optional Med-Drawers Easily Attach
Rioux Vision

Hospital Technology Cart


Embody new technology for healthcare


User Research
Industrial Design
Trade Show Models
Part Documentation
Vendor Sourcing
Production Support

Technology Embodiment

Nurses rely on technology for the data needed to give good patient care. But technology does not always come in a form that meets the nurses’ needs. If the embodiment of the technology is not easy to use, efficient to store, and appealing to the eye, then the nurse’s effectiveness will decline and the care given might be compromised. Rioux Vision’s computer technology had won the hearts of nurses, but the embodiment of the technology had not. Rioux recognized BOLTgroup’s success in medical product development and asked us to help design their new product.

Becoming a Turn-Key Provider

BOLTgroup works with companies of all sizes. Rioux was a small company with a lean staff. Therefore BOLTgroup took on not only the industrial design and mechanical engineering tasks, but also sourcing and qualification of manufacturing vendors, and assistance with initial production.

Design Research

Through many medical design programs we have developed an understanding of clinicians in the hospital environment. We added to that knowledge with nurse interviews and observational research specific to the needs of the Rioux technology. This research gave us the strategic insight that led to the many features found on the Rioux technology cart.

Features that Users Love

Every detail was considered in the product design—from the size of the footprint (smallest in the industry for easy storage), to the prominent HIPAA button (used to quickly blank the screen for confidentiality), to the shape and feel of the handle. The resulting design gives nurses a wireless display for data, a work surface for charts, a hidden keyboard tray (the first of its kind), and storage rings for convenient options like hand sanitizer bottles and bar code scanners. Battery powered height adjustment ensures that all users will be ergonomically accommodated. And hospitals love the flexibility of medication drawers that can be easily snapped on. The technology cart won the Good Design Award, gave Rioux Vision the assets to successfully sell the company, and remains in production today, helping caregivers everywhere.
Good Design AwardIDEA Award Finalist 2008

Process Examples
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Design + Engineering Design + Engineering
Engineering Analysis (FEA) Engineering Analysis (FEA)
Prototypes Prototypes
Trade Show Trade Show