December 22nd, 2022

Happy Holidays from our family to yours.

2022 was BOLTGROUP’s first full calendar year in the Graham St. office. As a result, they were assigned their first official elf visit from Santa this month. Fizz Tipsylips joined the team on December 1, after receiving a promotion from residential to commercial elf at the end of 2021. Santa and Mrs. Claus established this new division in recent years to make sure the adults, who spend most of their week at “work,” were behaving themselves too.

Throughout Fizz’s stay, he enjoyed exploring the office and found himself in several precarious positions, leaving quite a mess for his new office colleagues to find each morning. Even amidst his high jinks, Fizz observed a talented group of people who love spending time together around good food and drink, enjoy lots of laughter, and prioritize the integrity of their design work. Sometimes, he even forgot he was in an office. With a “nice” report back to Santa for the BOLTGROUP family, Fizz headed back to the North Pole to await his 2023 assignment.

Wishing you a happy holiday season and many successes in the new year!

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