Alyssa Baker

Sr. Graphic Designer

Prior to graduating from Winthrop University with her BFA in visual communication and graphic design, Alyssa met BOLTGROUP through an AIGA portfolio review. Once released into the real world, she joined BOLTGROUP in 2013 where she serves on our brand team as a graphic designer—creating identity, packaging, and brand communications programs, including digital and print. She also serves on the AIGA board of directors. Growing up, Alyssa always knew that “what she wanted to be when she grew up” had to involve something creative. After all, with a landscape architect for a dad and an interior designer for a mom, Alyssa spent her childhood assuming that everyone had a badass arts and crafts closet at their house. Wrong.

Is An Expert In:

Packaging Design Logo Design Typography & Hand-Drawn Typography Nuancing Color Palettes Sweating the Details

What Makes Me Me:

Craft Cocktails Black Nail Polish Binge-Watching Netflix with my Cat, Sir George Clarence Baker Taking Texture Photos for my Weekly #texturethursday Instagram Posts Retired Gymnast Current Yogi Lover of Random Handstands Dipping Sauce Connoisseur