David Bulfin

Product Design Director

David is a product designer who thrives on tackling the toughest projects that merge high styling with high technology. His experience and expertise includes work in the consumer electronic, medical, transportation, and military industries (including tactical equipment for Special Operators). Before coming to BOLTGROUP, David worked in aerospace as a designer in the highly competitive motorsport arena. David believes that all manufactured goods deserve to be made beautifully, with an attention to detail and a human-centric experience. He works every day to share more than just his vision and technical skill by expressing a deep sense of care and empathy for his clients and consumers. He is insightful, energetic, and passionate about the projects he works on, bringing a technical eye that complements his aesthetic sensitivity.

Is An Expert In:

Concept Generation + Ideation Sketching Advanced CAD Surfacing Prototyping + Physical Modeling Rendering Graphic + Logo Design Additive + Subtractive Rapid Prototyping
 3D Special Proportions

What Makes Me Me:

Downhill Longboarding Racing Mazdas Competitively Olympic-Style Target Archery Civil Air Patrol My Rescued Racing Greyhound Drone Photography My CLT Skateboard Tech Manufacturing Startup Swimming in a Large Body of Water