Dillan Shaffer

Engineering Manager

As a young kid, if Dillan wasn’t outside playing sports you could find him inside, building and tinkering with toys and contraptions. He’s always had a curious mind and the ability to understand and conceptualize how things work. This naturally led him to pursue a mechanical engineering degree from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. After graduation, Dillan spent time working in the automotive industry, specifically working on filtration components and systems as a product design engineer. He transitioned into the role of an engineering project manager where he used his product design knowledge and love for all things “process” to launch automotive components for some of the biggest car brands such as GM, Chrysler, and Tesla. When he’s not at work, he enjoys all things woodworking, a passion that allows him to tap into his creativity and transform raw materials into intricate and beautiful pieces. As an outlet for his imagination, woodworking provides him with a tangible way to explore new ideas and push the boundaries of his craftsmanship. Outside of the woodshop, Dillan is likely to be on the golf course, perfecting his golf game. He currently carries a golf handicap of better than scratch.

Is An Expert In:

Design for Manufacturing and Assembly Product Development Process Efficiency Creative Problem Solving Building Relationships Time Management

What Makes Me Me:

Charlotte Native Being a Dog Dad Woodworking Making Birdies on the Golf Course Watching Reality TV A Gigantic Sweet Tooth Charlotte Sports Fan Traveling & Exploring New Cities