Ed Holme

Principal | Executive VP Business Development

Since joining BOLTGROUP in 1993, Ed has been instrumental in building high-value relationships with such clients as Coca-Cola, Lowe’s, Emerson, Hunter Fan, PlayCore, and many others. His responsibility is aligning our clients’ needs and goals with BOLTGROUP’s expertise to maximize our impact on their business. With his experience in brand strategy, research, and sales and marketing, Ed feels right at home consulting and communicating with executive leaders. As vice president of business development, Ed also leads BOLTGROUP’s sales and marketing strategy. Prior to BOLTGROUP, Ed gained invaluable sales and marketing experience with international corporations such as Xerox and AM Multigraphics. He also spearheaded market development for a number of entrepreneurial businesses in the United States and the United Kingdom. Educated in England, Ed holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Studies and Marketing from the Trent University Business School.

Is An Expert In:

Brand Strategy Connecting the Cross Functional "Dots" Defining the Source of Meaning + Value Seeing the Wood Amongst the Trees Empathizing Analyzing Strategic Thinking Building Fences (Literal + Figurative)

What Makes Me Me:

Walking Between the Worlds with my Wife Katie at Healing Horses Photographing Horses Whipping up Vegetarian Delights A Bargain-Find Spanish Rioja Offering a Gentle Hand of Support to Those Afflicted by Trauma
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