Sally Jenkins

Creative Director - Brand

Sally was intrigued by the power of design and branding before she even knew the terms for it. Elementary school posters with the best hierarchy and eye-catching graphics got the best grades. Creating branded, professionally-printed pet sitting flyers turned an after-school hobby into a a job that paid for her first car.

She followed that curiosity to The College of Design at NC State, received a BA in graphic design, and has been working for a wide range of firms ever since – from small branding agencies to in-house corporate design departments, including managing her own design company for many years. Sally worked at BOLTGROUP as a young graphic designer and learned much of her professional experience with Jamey at the helm, and is thrilled to be back with the team as Creative Director of Brand.

With over 20 years of experience in all areas of graphic design, branding, and brand strategy, Sally now puts that creative curiosity to use every day: creating and cultivating brand stories and experiences that translate into meaningful, effective brand communications for our clients.

Is An Expert In:

Brand Strategy Logos and Identity Development Art Direction Branding Campaigns Brand Systems Collateral Development Packaging Design Website UI and Design

What Makes Me Me:

Charlotte native Reading “just one more chapter” on my Kindle Sitting on my front porch with my family Starting horse riding as an adult Dog and cat whisperer Slightly obsessive native plant gardener Exercising hard and then reading on the front porch for the rest of the day