Sally Jenkins

Brand Strategist | Art Director

Sally has always had an eye for design—she took great pride in accolades for her elementary school posters and pet sitting flyers. Her dad saw the potential and set her up to shadow several different types of designers in high school, and she was hooked. Sally has a degree in graphic design and has been working for a wide range of firms ever since, from small branding agencies to in-house corporate design agencies, even managing her own design company for many years. Sally worked at BOLTGROUP as a young graphic designer and learned much of her professional experience with Jamey at the helm and is thrilled to be back as a part of their brand team. With more than 20 years of experience in all areas of graphic design and branding, Sally is excited to continue to grow as a designer and brand strategist.

Is An Expert In:

Brand Strategy Concept Development Logos and Identity Systems Branding Campaigns Collateral Development Packaging Design Website UI and Design

What Makes Me Me:

Charlotte native Being in nature with my family Binging a great TV show and regretting staying up so late Starting horse riding as an adult Dog and cat whisperer Slightly obsessive native plant gardener Exercising hard and then reading on the front porch for the rest of the day