Sarah Kujawa

Project Management Director

Sarah was born and raised in Ohio, and despite having lived in Charlotte since 2012, she still brings a midwestern sensibility to everything she does. This mixture of logic, sympathy, accommodation, and humor has helped her build a career in project and account management over the last 10 years.

Realizing early on that relationships are what matter, she’s leveraged them to work with multiple agencies, clients, and colleagues (many of whom are BOLTGROUP alumni). Her philosophy is creating efficient and effective processes by identifying people’s highest and best uses. When people like what they’re working on, they feel appreciated and work better, faster. While this translates to profitability, it really means people go home feeling informed, accomplished, and productive.

Is An Expert In:

Project and Account Management Resource Planning Simplification Problem Solving Proofreading Organizing Making sense of things

What Makes Me Me:

Making my son laugh Cuddling with my dog Overanalyzing TV shows with my husband Visiting my family at Norris Lake Living to eat, not eating to live Graduating from THE Ohio State University Early morning coffee The beginning of fall