Steve Gerstein

Project Manager

Growing up in Cleveland, Steve’s concurrent interests in 1) automotive styling and 2) sketching on everything he could get his hands on eventually led him to one of those Junior High eureka moments: Industrial Design was his life’s calling. Soon, his fascination with design expanded well beyond cars. CUT TO: Steve victoriously accepting his diploma at the University of Cincinnati (Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design). With a career that has taken him from OH → KY → CT → NC, Steve has garnered extensive experience designing and developing a wide range of products. Now, he’s a master of managing and organizing this process while working closely with cross-functional team members. Those notches on his belt are from Lowe’s, Stanley Black & Decker, Group 4, Shur-Line, Lexmark and American Greetings.

Is An Expert In:

Product Development Process Customer Empathy Product Design Creative Problem Solving Listening, Organizing, Communicating Research Aesthetics Ergonomics Building Relationships Boundary Blasting Ideas > Reality

What Makes Me Me:

Art + Photoshopping Outdoor Exploration Beach Vacations Hanging with Wife + Daughters + Greyhound Good Tunes Microbrews Darts Cleveland Sports Teams Family + Friends Cool Cars Campfires Skyline Chili Clever Humor DIY-ing