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January 29th, 2024

AHR 2024 In Review


Last week, I had the privilege of attending the AHR 2024 Expo in Chicago, and it was a truly enlightening experience. Having frequented the AHR Expo for many years, I observed a remarkable transformation this year. The industry seems to be shifting from focusing primarily on incremental advancements in HVACR technology to embracing a broader vision. This year’s AHR presented a paradigm shift in the industry’s approach and priorities, steering away from technical enhancements towards a more holistic integration of sustainability, smart technology, and environmental stewardship. It was a clear indication of the industry’s responsiveness to global challenges through innovation and empathy. Keep reading to see takeaways that capture these changes and groundbreaking developments. 

Trending Topics: 

  • Sustainability and Decarbonization: A key focus of the event was on sustainable solutions and decarbonization, reflecting the industry’s commitment to reducing environmental impact. 
  • Advanced Heat Pump Technologies: Exhibitors like PHNIX displayed cutting-edge heat pump technologies, highlighting the shift towards more efficient and eco-friendly heating and cooling solutions. 
  • Smart HVACR Solutions: The integration of AI and IoT into HVACR systems emerged as a crucial trend, driving forward innovations in predictive maintenance and energy-efficient operations. 
  • Energy Efficiency: Across the board, the push for energy-efficient solutions was evident, with companies showcasing products that align with global energy conservation goals.

Innovative Exhibitors: 

  • Daikin: Presented a range of heating and cooling solutions focused on using low-GWP refrigerants like R-32 for enhanced energy efficiency and reduced carbon emissions. 
  • Danfoss: Exhibited robust and energy-efficient technologies for heat pumps, data centers, and refrigeration systems. 
  • LG Electronics: Showcased their Multi-Position Air Handler Heat Pump and the Multi V™ i VRF solution, equipped with an AI engine for optimized performance. 
  • Polidoro USA, Inc.: Specializing in combustion solutions, they presented advanced solutions for sustainable heating and reducing emissions. 

Buzzworthy Product Launches: 

  • Ephoca – Nextac PTAC Unit: This reimagined PTAC unit won the AHR 2024 Product of the Year for its innovative features and energy efficiency. 
  • Danfoss – DSG Compressor: An innovative solution for low-pressure, low GWP refrigerants, winning in the Cooling category.
  • Airgreen – BMIL Brine-based DX Cold Room Heat Pump: A groundbreaking refrigeration solution, taking the lead in the Refrigeration category. 
  • NAVAC – NR7 Recovery Unit: Introduced the lightest-weight recovery unit, emphasizing compactness and efficiency.

Awards for Innovation: 

The AHR Expo Innovation Awards celebrated outstanding products in various categories: 

  • Heating: Ephoca with Nextac 
  • Cooling: Danfoss with DSG Compressor 
  • Refrigeration: Airgreen with BMIL Brine-based DX Cold Room Heat Pump 

The 2024 AHR Expo not only highlighted the latest innovations but also underscored the HVACR industry’s dedication to sustainability and efficiency. These developments signify a pivotal shift in the industry, promising a future where technology and environmental responsibility go hand in hand.  

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