What We Do

For 35 years, we have guided clients through Design Innovation, our people-centered process that helps senior executives address market challenges, solve critical business problems, and capitalize on opportunities in four categories: product, brand, digital, and service.

Female using a digital pen to draw on her screen

Product Design + Engineering

We celebrate awe-inspiring aesthetics, engineered solutions, and end user delight. Our expertise spans from insights and ideas to finished product and market launch.
Collage of multiple branded pieces of work

Brand Design + Communications

Whether a brand is to be created, ready for a refresh, or poised to go to the next level, discovering and articulating your brand’s unique purpose is why we exist. 

Digital Design + UI/UX

With the modern proliferation of digital technologies, your potential new customers are everywhere. We can help you find them and make meaningful connections.
Charlotte Mecklenburg Library Interior Makerspace Window

Service Design + Experience

From the tone of the language, to the environment where it occurs, to the technology that makes it possible—our service design creates positive experiences.

In Doing Our Part, We Help You Examine the Whole

Our unique design process embraces the nexus of People + Business + Technology + Culture + Brand. We understand that our contributions are part of a larger story, and we work to help our clients tell that story even better.

Design Thinking Nexus

We apply the designer’s methodology and sensibility to problem solving. It’s not a substitute for the craft of design, but a process for innovation and adoption based on the needs and desires of people.

Virtual Collaboration for Innovation

Collaboration is a crucial part of the design process. Working remotely hasn’t changed that. While we continue to do our part to contain the spread of COVID-19, we’ve also enhanced our virtual collaboration processes to match. Learn More

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