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Who We Are

We are a design innovation firm dedicated to helping you create business-building solutions that are considerate of your culture, community, and company.

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It Starts With Our People

Our founders started this company to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives through design. They quickly realized that to have real impact, the firm’s passion for design had to encompass not just the thrill of creation and innovation, but also the accomplishment and integration of our clients’ goals. And they found that the clients’ world is more complex, and nuanced, thanks to things like: personnel and supply chain challenges, manufacturing requirements, consumer trends, competitive markets, etc. They needed people-centered strategies that could truly help them get to the next step and beyond. And that is what we do everyday.

Our unique team build allows us to thrive at the intersection of business, product, and brand design. We cross-train our team members so that when they’re working in one of these areas, they are mindful of all—providing a holistic approach and valuable efficiency for all stakeholders.

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A History of Design Innovation Results

Our goal, through Design Innovation, is to help turn brands, the products they encompass, and the services that support them, into higher performing assets for businesses, their people, and the communities they serve. Scroll through some of the game changers of which we’ve been a part.

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  • Our History
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  • 1985
  • 1985
  • BOLTGROUP was born!

  • Kangaroo Golf Caddy
  • 1986
  • The most successful motorized golf bag carrier worldwide

  • Hillcrest Motor Caddie for Kangaroo Products  |  Product Ideation    Industrial Design    Engineering / ID Award Winner
  • Humminbird Fish Finder
  • 1984-87
  • Revolutionary user experience in sport electronics—applying new technology and quadrupling sales

  • LCD Depth Sounder for Humminbird  |  User Research    Industrial Design    UI Design
  • State of NC
  • 1989
  • First portable test system for drivers with disabilities—enabling more to drive and work

  • Driver Assessment System for NC Dept of Vocational Rehab  |   Industrial Design + Engineering    IDSA-IDEA Gold Award
  • Images of America Green Monty Chair
  • 1990
  • First healthcare seating to incorporate style, comfort—and urine collection

  • Monty Chair for IOA Healthcare  |  Furniture Design    Rosco Award
  • Hunter All Natural Ice Cream
  • 1993
  • 66% increase in share and #1 selling ice cream brand

  • Hunter All Natural for Harris Teeter |  Market Research    Brand Identity   Brand Launch    Packaging    Art Direction
  • Healthdyne CPAP
  • 1994
  • First fingertip control for CPAP users—no more fumbling in the dark for air

  • Tranquility CPAP for Healthdyne  |  User Interaction Design    Industrial Design    Engineering    IDSA-IDEA Gold Award
  • ID Magazine Cover
  • 1994
  • I.D. Forty recognition

  • Selection by I.D. Magazine as one of the "40 best design innovators" in the U.S.
  • GE Energy UI Screens
  • 1996
  • Transformative UI design for GE’s power plant control rooms worldwide

  • Gas Turbine Plant Control for GE Energy  |  User Research    UI Design    Heuristic Testing
  • Fairfield Medaes Moveable Column
  • 1997
  • First hospital headwall that moves with patients and clinicians

  • Moveable Column for Fairfield & Medeas Medical  |  Research    Industrial Design    Engineering
  • Coca-Cola Retro Drive Pump
  • 1998
  • Agency of Record for occasion-based marketing team

  • Coca-Cola  |  Market Research    Art Direction    Design Strategy    Product Innovation    Brand Equity
  • East3 Thoughtcaster Side View
  • 1999
  • Innovative therapy for kids with ADHD—employing wireless gaming and brainwaves

  • Thoughtcaster for East3  |  Market Research    Human Factors Research    Industrial Design    IDSA-IDEA Gold Award
  • Herman Miller Ribbon Wall Office Furniture Side
  • 2000
  • Patented innovations for the office-of-the-future

  • Ribbonwall and Intersite Cart for Herman Miller  |  User Research    Idea Generation    Furniture Design   Industrial Design
  • Lance Chip Thunder Packages
  • 2002
  • Major rebrand for 100+ year old snack company

  • Chip Thunder for Lance  |  Package Design    Rebrand    Art Direction   Naming

Brands We've Worked With

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DEI Statement of Principle

In order to live our brand, and fully embrace our culture, we acknowledge that diversity, equity, and inclusion be ever-present for empathy and innovation to exist. Empathy and innovation are indeed acts of love, and, as a human-centered design practice, necessary to create meaningful impact on companies, communities, and culture, through design. We are committed to leveraging our combined unique voices to be an agent of positive behavior and change, whenever and wherever possible, both internally and externally.

Every day, we see firsthand that external influence is dictated by internal behavior. Over the last 3-plus decades, we have been able to work in a multitude of industries, in countless, capacities, because of our commitment to being a place that understands the value of people of all diversities, as individuals and as part of a unified team.

At BOLTGROUP we embody: diversity, equity, inclusivity, purpose, empathy, curiosity, insightfulness, understanding, pragmatism, passion, thoughtfulness, diligence, humility, creativity, and resourcefulness.

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Industry Recognition


Good Design Awards

CRC Smartwasher Benchtop Pro, Oransi Mod & Mod Jr. Air Purifiers, PlayCore Sensory Wave Climber, Legrand AV Forum Collaboration Suite, Chick-fil-A Unified Matrix Packaging System

GDUSA Graphic Design Awards

Metabo HPT, Brand Extension & Campaign
Myers, Brand Identity System
SOLID, Brand Communications

Red Dot Design Award

Oransi, Mod Air Purifier

IDA International Design Awards

Silver Award—Fuel Belt Ergo Hydration Belt
Bronze Award—Legrand Forum Collaboration Suite


Awards + Patents


Design awards are a dime a dozen these days. But BOLTGROUP has been honored with the industry’s most prestigious international design awards. We don’t do this work for the shiny hardware. These accolades simply demonstrate our unwavering commitment to world-class design. The real winners are our clients, for whom such awards further increase sales of their products. Here’s a partial list:

IDSA/IDEA International Design Excellence Awards

  • Gold Award—East 3, Thoughtcaster
  • Gold Award—GI Supply, SPOT
  • Gold Award—Healthdyne, CPAP
  • Gold Award—NC Dept of Rehabilitation, Driver System
  • Silver Award—Yaktrax Summit
  • Silver Award—US Stamp, Cache Ink Stamp
  • Bronze Award—GI Supply, Bacteria Test Kit
  • Bronze Award—HunterLab, Photospectrometers
  • Bronze Award—PlayCore, Sensory Car Wash
  • Bronze Award—Oransi Mod
  • Finalist—Rioux Vision, Wireless Medical Workstation
  • Finalist—Jacobsen, Greens Mower
  • Finalist—Navis Global, Array Tex Stenter
  • Finalist—Applica/Black&Decker, Clear2o
  • Finalist—Gigs 2 Go
  • Finalist—FuelBelt, Ergo Hydration Belt
  • Finalist—Little Burros

AAF AAA Awards

  • Gold + Silver District, Regional—Numerous

Core 77 Design Awards

  • Implus Footcare, Yaktrax
  • CRC, Smartwasher Benchtop Pro

iF—Industrie Forum Design Award

  • GI Supply, Respose Biopsy Forceps
  • Oransi, Mod Air Purifier

AGDA American Graphic Design & Advertising Awards

  • Numerous

CES / Consumer Electronics Show, Design Excellence Award

  • VAC Stereo Amplifier

DNA Paris Design Award

  • CRC, Smartwasher Benchtop Pro
  • HunterLab, Photospectrometers
  • PlayCore, Car Wash
  • PlayCore, Sensory Wave Climber

AIGA Boom! Awards

  • David Donahue
  • Nat Nast

Good Design Award, Chicago Athenaeum

  • Implus, FuelBelt Helium Ergo
  • Implus, Yaxtrax Summit
  • Rioux Vision, Wireless Medical Workstation
  • Wiltek, Excel Biopsy Forceps
  • GISupply, Respose Biopsy Forceps
  • CRC, Smartwasher Benchtop Pro
  • Oransi, Mod & Mod Jr. Air Purifiers
  • PlayCore, Sensory Wave Climber
  • Legrand AV, Forum Collaboration Suite
  • Chick-fil-A, Unified Matrix Packaging System

Appliance Manufacturer, Excellence in Design Award

  • Hunter Labs, LabScan XE
  • A O Smith, Cyclone Water Heater

ADEX for Design Excellence in Architectural Products

  • Gold Award—Hon/Tercero Conference Room Furniture System

International Design Awards IDA

  • Gold Award—Gigs 2 Go, BOLTGROUP
  • Gold Award—Crewcomm Pliant, CoachComm
  • Gold Award—Yaktrax Summit, Implus Footcare
  • Silver Award—Fuel Belt Ergo Hydration Belt
  • Bronze Award—Legrand Forum Collaboration Suite
  • Bronze Award—Little Burro, Burro Creative Solutions

Red Dot Design Award

  • Oransi, Mod Air Purifier

ID Magazine, Annual Design Awards

  • ISO Tech, Personal Fitness Trainer
  • Kangaroo, Hillcrest Motorcaddy
  • NC Dept of Rehabilitation, Driver System Research
  • GI Supply, Respose Biopsy Forceps
  • ITT Defense, Night Mariner Night Vision Binoculars

GDUSA Magazine American Graphic Design Awards

  • Numerous

GDUSA Magazine American Package Design Awards

  • Comfort Revolution, Hydraluxe Air Cooling Bed Pillow
  • Oransi, Mod Purifier Packaging & Manual
  • Sealy, Cool Flip Bedding Collection

GDUSA Magazine Health + Wellness Awards

  • Matchwell, Visual Identity
  • Matchwell, Promotional Brand Video
  • FOX Rehab, FOXBOX Sales Kit

Medical Design Excellence Awards

  • Gold Award—GI Supply, PolarWand Cryotherapy System
  • Finalist—Chek Med Systems, Paracentesis Pump

PICA Awards

  • Best of Category for Excellence in Graphic Design + Printing—Numerous

IDSA / Business Week-Catalyst Award: Design & Business Success

  • GI Supply, SPOT Endoscopic Marking System

ID Magazine, ID-Forty

  • “The top 40 innovators in the U.S.”

BMA Carolinas ProAd Award

  • FOX Rehab Recruiting Campaign

NASFM National Retail Design Award

  • Mark Ecko

Society of Plastics Industries, Award of Excellence

  • AMF Bowling, Seating

Consumer Reports Best Buy Award

  • Applica Filtered Water Pitcher

National Hardware Show Retailer's Choice Award

  • Little Burros, Burro Buddy


Our work often leads to coveted utility and design patents for our clients—another benefit of the ingenuity that BOLTGROUP brings to each project. These patents are assigned to the client, thereby building their intellectual property portfolios. Here are a few examples of the many patented products we've created for our clients:

US 6,231,058

  • adjustable container caddy

US D457,642

  • wireless neurofeedback base station

US 5,673,984

  • transport cart

US D456,908

  • wireless neurofeedback helmet

US 5,619,090

  • movable hospital room equipment column

US D436,806 / US D431,756

  • container caddy

US 5,605,344

  • transport cart

US D641,121

  • receptacle

US 5,341,680

  • disabled driver assessment system

US D420,738

  • paracentesis pump

US 8,757,819

  • interactive systems + display device

US D412,625

  • set of carrels

US 9,149,128

  • play yard with removable liner

US D370,144

  • drawer tower

US 8,701,901

  • shelving system + components

US D367,349

  • transport cart

US 7,451,761

  • dry powder inhalers

US D512,589

  • table support

US D581,113

  • backpack vacuum cleaner

US D335,037

  • chair for bowling alley

US D348,965

  • golf motorcaddy

US 8,757,819

  • conveniently assemblable interactive systems

US 10,188,221

  • play yard with removable liner

US D445,115

  • portable air compressor enclosure