May 29th, 2024

Automate 2024: Chicago’s Center Stage for Cutting-Edge Automation

Automate 2024 in Chicago was a remarkable convergence of technology, innovation, and industry leaders. They showcased the latest advancements in robotics, vision systems, AI, and motion control. Here are some key takeaways from this year’s show that underscore why Automate continues to be a pivotal event for the automation industry.

Innovation in Every Corner

From OnRobot’s new 3-fingered electric gripper to Cognex’s AI-embedded 3D vision system, the show was brimming with groundbreaking technologies. These innovations are not just pushing the envelope—they are redefining the capabilities of automation across various industries. OnRobot’s gripper, for instance, enhances productivity and adaptability in manufacturing settings, while Cognex’s vision system integrates AI to deliver unprecedented precision and efficiency.

Diverse and Dynamic Applications

Automate 2024 wasn’t just about showcasing products, it was about demonstrating practical applications. FANUC’s explosion-proof painting cobot, MiR’s AI-driven pallet jack forklift, and Neura’s new arms packed full of technology were among the highlights, illustrating how automation can streamline complex industrial processes. These technologies are addressing real-world challenges, making industries safer and more efficient. Neura had an enormous booth showcasing the latest they have to offer including a humanoid robot as a part of their launch into the North American market.

Record-Breaking Attendance

This year’s event attracted over 35,000 attendees and featured more than 800 exhibitors, marking it as a record-breaking show. The high level of interest and engagement underscores the growing importance of automation in today’s economy. The economic impact on Chicago was substantial as well, with an estimated $49.8 million spent on local hotels, dining, and transportation.

Special Events and Forums

Automate 2024 also introduced new and expanded events such as the Women’s Empowerment Forum and the Innovation Awards. These events provided platforms for celebrating diversity, fostering innovation, and discussing the future of automation. The expanded conference topics and activities for educators and students highlighted the inclusive and forward-thinking nature of the show. We were also lucky enough to attend the Extra Innings networking event hosted by the Manufacturing Happy Hour and the Manufacturing Millennial where we made some great new friends.

Looking Forward

As we reflect on Automate 2024, it’s clear that the event continues to set the standard for showcasing cutting-edge automation technologies, facilitating a space and time for exhibitors to present storytelling about their potential. The innovations and applications presented highlight current trends and point to the future directions and leaders of the industry. For professionals in the field, Automate remains an essential destination for networking, learning, and discovering the latest advancements and brands that will shape the future of automation.

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