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April 4th, 2017

Without Brand, Your Name and Logo Are Worth Less

If you think your name and logo are your brand, then you’re missing out on the mother lode of true potential in your brand.

This may seem like heresy from a person in the brand business, but your name and logo are just words and a graphic mark that identify your brand. Yes, they should be meaningfully created and designed. Yes, they should be current and relevant. But they are nothing greater than the symbolic reference points for people’s perceptions of your brand.

Your brand, on the other hand, is every word written or uttered, every visual expression and communication, every persons’ experience associated with that name and logo on your business card, website, and products. And the perception it creates in their heart and mind.

The BOLTGROUP definition of brand is:

“The sum total of all visual and non-visual, verbal and non-verbal, tangible and non-tangible elements that help to identify, form, create, and influence unique and positive associations for a product, service, or entity that differentiates it from its competition, creating meaning, value, and preference in one’s mind.”

Start then to imagine the opportunity to positively affect the perception of your brand—at every one of those touchpoints. With consumers, end users, vendors, employees, distributors, dealers, retailers, and all other important contacts who seek value from your enterprise.

As you’re grasping this idea, endless possibilities will come to mind. Think sales interactions, bill collection, interviewing new employees, social media, legal action …. not to mention the more obvious such as trade shows, marketing materials, quotes and proposals, packaging and merchandising, your website, and customer support.

When your brand is built on a solid foundation of truth and purpose (this is vital) with a brand strategy designed to deliver specific value to your customers, business partners, and end users, and  activated through a company-wide Brand Ecosystem, you will begin to unleash the true potential of your brand.

Brand Ecosystem Chart

The first imperative for this to be successful is the critical change in thinking and acting by executive leadership. Next, is the communication and implementation of the vision this new approach will realize. Followed by the training, management, and culture building, which will promote and create new behaviors—centered in and emanating from your brand.

The changes you will experience throughout your organization will be in attitude, accountability, purpose, and commitment.You will start to see a shift in the people and organizations with whom you do business. Positive perceptions expressed, greater preference for your products and services, loyalty, and ultimately a tangible bottom line impact. Everything you do will have greater perceived value.

With your vision and commitment, your brand will become one of your most valuable, high performing assets. One you can use to an ever greater extent in your business strategy. An asset to be leveraged for your future growth and success.

You will have created a brand delivering experiences people love. A brand name and logo that people love.

Don’t settle for anything else. See past the tip of the iceberg. There’s a mass of potential under the surface.

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