Jason Spooner

Digital Strategy Partner

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Jason has had the opportunity to provide digital strategy support to dozens of brands across a variety of industries. Get him talking, and he’ll tell you all about the “old days” of digital marketing, where he would have to make multiple Facebook accounts to run ads on behalf of clients. He has led strategic marketing initiatives for a number of brands, including NAPA Auto Parts, Avocados from Mexico, Baron Funds, Kraft, NASCAR, and other notable companies.

A dedicated storyteller, Jason believes that marketing exists to serve the customer as well as the brand. It’s all about putting the right message in front of a targeted audience at the moment it matters most. Then making sure you have the attribution in place to measure that impact and secure a return on your marketing investment.

Is An Expert In:

Digital Strategy Paid Digital Media Content Marketing Performance Marketing Digital Storytelling Bottom-Line Thinking Big-Picture Conceptualization

What Makes Me Me:

Enjoyer of Fine Cheese and Finer Whiskey Dedicated Father Book-Obsessed Improv Comedian Public Speaker World Traveler
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