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November 15th, 2016

Vision, Mission, Purpose. Finding the Why in Your Brand.

What is your company’s vision statement? How about your mission statement? When you’re considering your business goals for next year and collecting data for the all-important strategic plan, do you refer to your vision and mission statements? Or do you take the same dusty PowerPoint slides and drop them in yet again. Whew. That was easy. Now you’re ready to meet the troops and present the plan of what [vision] and how [mission] you’ll achieve that plan. But wait. Didn’t you forget something? Only the statement most important to helping you achieve that success you desire and are planning for.

Where’s the Why? Or as we say, the Purpose.

So often in an organization, you have the vision and the mission locked down. Your make great thingamajigs because you have a tried and tested process that goes from A to Z with new whizbang technology. But why? Hmmm. Nowhere to be found is the purpose—why you exist as a brand. As a company. As an entity.

When developing a healthy brand ecosystem, you must start with the why. Which then leads to the how, and then the what. If your brand has a purpose, that will tell you the how and the what. Simon Sinek calls it the golden circle. Great brands possess it. Like Apple. Like Nike. They put the highest order of importance on purpose and place it central to the organization. From that central point the purpose guides and informs the brand and the design of the business.

Your purpose is at the core of your business—it is why you exist. Out of this grows the how, your mission—the blocking and tackling of how you will succeed. Then comes the what—that all-inspiring statement that describes what you do in an aspirational sense of long-term achievement.

Here’s what that looks like for BOLTGROUP.

What: We create brands that people love. How: We do it by bringing brands to life with passion and precision, driven by a love of meaningful experiences and a commitment to authentic connections. Why: We do it because we all live in a world of moments—moments that give insights into a more fulfilling future. Moments that arouse the curiosity, ingenuity, determination, and courage in all of us. We live for these moments because they reveal insights that inspire us to design compelling solutions for you, knowing that anything is possible. Anything.

BOLTGROUP's Vision Mission Purpose

We hold these truths to be self-evident, in everything that we do. Our lifeblood is design excellence. Our hallmark is strategic innovation. And our compass is thoughtful leadership.

So as you begin to wrap up your strategic plan for the coming year, consider developing a purpose statement. Or, if you already have one, dust it off and revisit it. It usually isn’t hard to find. Typically, the vision, mission, and values of a company are a reflection of the founder’s beliefs. Why he or she felt the brand should exist. Therein lies the truth of the matter—the purpose. Once, discovered, or recovered, it will guide your plan and guide your brand. And tell everyone why you’re here.

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