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April 19th, 2016

Why Good is the Enemy of Great

Recently we published a blog, “Could your brand be doing more?”. Some of you may have read and identified with that position. You may know your brand could be doing more, but…what does that mean exactly? What does “more” look like?

There are many ways a brand can do more. But why do more for more’s sake? On the other hand, why accept pretty good, when you could achieve great? Your efforts can become great when the “doing more” manifests as an extension of your brand, and reinforces your brand’s position in the marketplace.

At BOLTGROUP, we start by going back to what the brand is built on and what the current challenges are. We help companies address those challenges while staying true to who they are.

For a little inspiration, we’ve pulled three examples where you might not expect to see innovation. Certainly, in these instances, a more predictable route could have been taken. But these brands went for more. More to tie back to their root foundation and to their core messages. More to go beyond good, all the way to great.

Example 1: Aim high

British Airways is positioned as having the most fleets and routes of any airline in the UK. As a way to reinforce awareness of the airline and its destinations, they created the campaign, “Reinventing the Magic of Flying”. New technology was used to connect digital billboards in downtown London to British Airways planes in the sky. When one of their flights passes overhead, the system interrupts content on the screen and shows a video of a child pointing at the plane, along with the flight number and departure city. With this, British Airways visually showcased their brand message—”more flights to more destinations.”

While this example shows a client with a multi-million dollar budget, it illustrates the kind of thinking that is available to any brand. There are creative ways to connect any brand to a consumer on any level. Using location-based apps to discover more information about your customers lets you offer location-specific deals and discounts, and build more customer loyalty whenever customers are in your area.

British Airways billboard

Example 2: Be artful

We all know that luxury brand BMW means performance. A few years ago BMW created a very special direct mail. It turned its M6 Coupe into an “M Press,” to turn an automobile into an artist and make a deep impression on buyers.

The M6 created unique prints as it was driven along a track at high speeds. Ink dispensers in the wheel well wet the tires enabling them to create artful impressions on a paper track as the car accelerated. The resulting “M Prints” were mailed to BMW M owners and prospects as part of a direct mail campaign. Each was a visual statement about the car’s ability to go from 0-60 in just over 4 seconds–and a direct tie back to performance.

Example 3: Invite participation

Yakima is a company that manufactures products aimed at getting your gear to the outdoors. Their brand belief is that the outdoors are more than just an adventure; it’s about sharing experiences, about stories told and about memories made.

Yakima recently brought this belief to life through their tradeshow booth. Attendees visited “garages” featuring categories of Yakima products. The booth authenticated the experience of visiting a neighbor’s garage with details in each space that set the stage for the product types found inside.

The garages spoke to the consumer who is all about the experience. They simply need Yakima racks or roof top boxes to enrich their activities with friends, family, and gear. Yakima garages enticed you to drop in, have a beer, and hang out with friends. Booth details like iPad screens in empty keg containers, toolboxes containing basic sales supplies, and a small garden completed the experience.

Yakima booth at tradeshow
outdoor tradeshow
people at picnic table at tradeshow

Doing more with your brand can seem as simple as a killer idea. That’s good, but not enough. Great ideas always tie back to the brand’s foundation and have a holistic approach across multiple mediums. That’s how they reach the maximum audience.

It’s important to connect a brand across all touchpoints. Make sure there’s consistency across platforms and that your cohesive message is based upon your brand’s foundation.

So if you think your brand could do more than pretty good, we encourage you to stretch. Test the limits. Find the great.

And remember, every great brand idea is always rooted to your core.


Image Credits: BMW M6 via Fast Company; British Airways Look Up Campaign courtesy of ScreenMedia Daily; Yakima Tradeshow by James Buckroyd.

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