Engineering a Visual Brand Language

Through Design Innovation we created a family of laboratory equipment with a coherent look, enhanced ease-of-use, and the most successful product introduction in the company’s history.
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HunterLab Vista exploded view


Over a 20-year partnership, BOLTGROUP helped HunterLab with product design and innovation of its color management devices used in laboratories around the world. Then came our biggest challenge. HunterLab wanted to introduce a device that economized on limited laboratory counterspace, and was the industry’s best in ease-of-use and ease-of-service. Further, in order to assert dominance in the market, the timeline to production was aggressive—seven months from concept to introduction. On top of these challenges, HunterLab also sought a family Design Language that would visually tie the full product line, create a cohesive family look, and provide brand recognition and differentiation.

HunterLab Aeros and Vista products


With these challenges in mind, BOLTGROUP created a product Design Language with signature design elements and overarching design principles. Signature elements included the diamond pattern, evocative of HunterLab’s diamond shaped logo, and molded into the exterior case of every product. Overarching design principles included the relationship of sweeps and radiuses to the overall rectangular footprint, and the contrast in colors and textures based on product functions.

HunterLab vista with visual brand language callouts

We created products with minimal footprint while addressing the lab worker’s ergonomic needs. Molded enclosures were engineered to dramatically reduce the number of parts and minimize tooling costs, while presenting an engaging form. On one product, we engineered a hinged protective hatch to give users easy access to the area where test samples are placed. On another product, we engineered a drive system using stepper motors to raise and lower the device—overcoming complaints from customers about ease of use on previous devices. An innovative internal gutter and drain meant that any spilled liquid would not damage internal electronics. Relying on rapid prototype methods, we perfected tricky mechanical and structural areas—on time and on budget.

HunterLab Agera Product Orientation
HunterLab Agera Product Multiple Uses
HunterLab Aeros product cutaway view


In just seven months the “Vista” entered the market quickly and confidently. Its design provided an anchor for the Visual Brand Language we created. HunterLab went on to say “Vista is our most successful product introduction ever!”

HunterLab Vista product

Soon after the Vista, the Aeros and Agera were introduced—all connected through the design language, and all engineered to be best in class for ergonomics and ease-of-use.


The Vista is our most successful product introduction ever!

— Michael Scardina, Director of Engineering, HunterLab

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