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BOLTGROUP developed a full identity system including custom trade show booth, video loop, and a reskinned website for Wrap Buddies, a product designed to help you wrap gifts.
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We love it when a new client calls based on another client’s referral. That’s what happened when our friends at Wrap Buddies called about a brand new product they were only selling online. They were looking to make the big jump to retailers at the National Stationery Show—taking place in just few months! They came to us for packaging only. But once we met with them, we saw they really needed a complete refresh, from brand identity to show presence and retail packaging.


Based on what we understood about the company and its people, we knew the brand should reflect passion and truth. They invented Wrap Buddies to put the joy back into gift giving. A beautifully simple product to manage, hold, and dispense your wrapping paper, all while mounted to the edge of any table. There is even a tape dispenser built right in.

We strapped on our jet pack and started with a new visual brand identity. Then we developed a full identity system in just weeks, including a custom trade show booth, video loop for the show and website, and a reskinned site. The tone and voice of the brand was friendly, helpful, and fresh. We even created custom wrapping paper to be used in booth demonstrations. Our clients were so happy that they showed our progress on their social media channels, posting new images every few days. For us, the joy was in seeing the brand come to life and the delight of everyone as it did.


The brand, booth, video, and packaging took the show by storm. With orders flowing, we’re already working on channel-specific packages to maximize.

For now, that’s a wrap!


I was initially intimidated by the idea of bringing my little Kickstarter-launched idea to a major design firm, but everyone at BOLTGROUP has absolutely made me feel that our brand was the most important one to them whenever we spoke. They took my loose, nebulous ideas and created something timeless with them, and it has actually helped me focus my work by giving us a really firm grip on our identity.

— Bret Wortman, Founder, Wrap Buddies

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