Brand Positioning Definition
August 29th, 2017

Why Brand Positioning is Important to Success

At BOLTGROUP we define brand positioning as the strategic intent (aim) or design for a differentiated brand image within a specific target audience, based on the purpose and pillars (compelling truths) of the brand.

Why is brand positioning important? That’s like asking why a target is needed in shooting practice.

Brand positioning is like a bullseye. It ensures that brand and marketing applications have a common target. It also directs the brand image as a key part of the market strategy and helps shape customer perceptions. It gives you a goal to work towards and elevates the expression of your brand each day.

You can also think of brand positioning as a filter. It keeps your brand within a defined lane, and helps you decide the appropriateness for creation of brand elements for the future. It zeros in on occupying a distinctive place in the minds of your customers. Brand positioning should be clear, ownable, and desirable to your customer. It is as a base of their perception of you.

Brand positioning is also a measuring tool. Once you’ve worked awhile to hone that aim, you have to check the target to see how you did. If you’re successful, your target audience will start to agree that you actually own the position you’re aiming for.

Strong brands impart vision and communicate their distinctive value in a crowded marketplace. Think about some brands you know and notice what comes to mind. Home Depot stands for DIY support. Tesla stands for high-end luxury EV. Target—cool style for less. And Walmart? Low prices. It’s no accident that you get these right off the bat. That’s what a well-positioned brand does.

Your brand positioning should be one of the very first things that you turn to when you reset your foundation. Below are six questions to ask when defining your positioning:

  1. Is your brand position unique?
  2. Is your brand position ownable?
  3. Is your brand position desirable?
  4. Is your brand position believable?
  5. Is your brand position defensible?
  6. Is your brand position sustainable?

If you can answer yes to all of these, your brand position is strong. If not, keep working on it.

Backing up your positioning statement is your intention—how you want your brand to come across to customers. Let them know! We recommend that your positioning appear front and center on your site. Here’s an example of doing that right: The instant you scroll down, it’s ultra-clear what they do: “Continuously reinvent and forever change the way people hydrate and perform.”

Here at BOLTGROUP, our positioning is: “Creating brands, products, and experiences that people love.” Again, this is apparent as soon as you get to our homepage. When we went through our foundational reset about a year ago, we took a hard look at what our goals were and where we were aiming. This positioning is distinctive to us, desirable to our customers, and something our team truly strives to achieve each and every day.

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