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May 29th, 2018

Brand Transformation: From the Inside Out

So, your company has gone through a full brand transformation and come out the other side unscathed. Congratulations! You’ve undoubtedly invested valuable time and money into honing your brand’s fundamental pillars, and perhaps even refined your positioning, purpose, and value propositions. It’s a step that every brand should experience during its lifecycle. Oftentimes more than once to retain relevancy in the marketplace.

But what’s next? You’re busily preparing for the external launch to let your customers in on the news. But, aren’t you forgetting something … someone? How can your company confidently step up to the podium and sell its new brand to the public if your internal team members haven’t been brought on board? An admired colleague once said, “Your most valuable assets are those who walk in at 9 am and leave at 5 pm.” These are your front-line advocates. Your most important ambassadors for promoting the new brand deserve more than a quick memo to get them up to speed.

Consider these three factors when launching a brand transformation internally:

1. Make The Moment Matter.

You take pride in your public unveiling, so project that same energy to your most valuable assets—your employees. Going the extra mile to create a big launch event internally is what gets your employees on board. Give it some flair. Dress an entire room with the new visual identity to immerse your team in their new brand the moment they enter. Prepare a stellar presentation that walks them through the “why” to make sure they understand the new foundation and where it comes from, along with the new visual and verbal identity. It can be wrapped in a catered lunch in the office or a full launch party after hours. Either way, it needs to matter. Do something truly memorable that your team will get excited about.

2. Tailor the Presentation to Each Team.

Your internal team may be in different locations, made up of divergent groups working as a whole. It’s important to remember that one event may not be appropriate for everyone. Spread it out if you need to. Have a main office launch event, then smaller events at satellite offices. Think about how you present a new brand to each audience the same way you tailor communication to your various external customers. You may have one presentation for your front office that speaks to the importance of the verbal identity—how to address customers calling or walking into the company. Then a different presentation for your sales team that dives deeper in value propositions and how to weigh the pillars for each. And remember your warehouse and product teams. They need to understand that producing, packaging, and shipping products with pride is a direct reflection of the company, and in turn, the brand.

3. Document the Visual and Verbal Identity.

Finally, set specific parameters to make sure your new brand is rolled out accurately and successfully. Each department must be able to easily access the new documents and uphold the standards with confidence. Double check to be sure everyone is up to speed prior to the rollout. After all, a lot of time and effort went into the rebrand, so it’s worth executing internally without a hitch.

Remember when you work from the inside out, you’ll see a powerful brand culture emerge that’s guaranteed to have a powerful impact on your external audience.

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