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February 27th, 2018

Transformation Starts with Truth—Especially in Your Brand

For more than 30 years, BOLTGROUP has been transforming brands into high performing assets. It is our core business, whether a complete brand strategy program, visual and verbal identity system start-up or start-over, new packaging and merchandising program, retailer hard shop concept, or product innovation. Our clients don’t always say it in so many words when they call—although more and more do—but every time they are asking us to transform their brand into a high performing asset. To turn their desert into a sea of wildflowers.

Your brand is universally unique in one very special regard. It is yours. No one else has what is in your brand that makes it unique. The question is, are you taking advantage of that when positioning it against your competition? And portraying it to your customers and their clients? Unless your brand is working for your business every day to elevate the value of the products and/or services you sell, you are missing a tremendous opportunity to achieve greater success. And garner goodwill.

I recently identified five key qualities every brand must possess in today’s marketplace to be relevant and competitive. Remember TTASC? Truth. Transparency. Authenticity. Simplicity. Clarity. Because every brand is unique and has a different pedigree, those five key DNA markers are unique for every brand. We work long and hard at the beginning of a program to understand what those truthful elements are, through insight gathering, competitive analysis, and market reconnaissance, and then we assimilate and define how those markers might best be demonstrated and deployed. This must be dead-on because they are the bedrock upon which we build your high performing asset. These are your foundational pillars, your compelling truths. Collectively, these three to four adjectives describe your brand’s purpose and meaning as distinct from anyone else’s. It is then that we turn those compelling truths into behavioral triggers, manifested visually and verbally, to positively influence your brand in your customers’ and consumers’ eyes.

Additionally, as part of our initial immersion, we listen intensely and probe to understand your business goals, and how you make money. It is this connection and relationship between your business goals and your brand strategy that begin to create greater meaning and value, driving your brand’s performance higher and higher, making it one of your most valuable assets. Always, it begins in truth.

Truth that is transparently and authentically portrayed with laser-guided simplicity and clarity of both visual and verbal messaging.

When Lowe’s came to us years ago, they wanted to transform the mechanics tool category at retail. The result was a brand called Kobalt Tools. When Candle Lamp wanted to disrupt the chafing fuel business, the result was a transformative brand that allowed them to eventually purchase Sterno. When Archroma wanted to change how designers perceived their business model, the result was The Color Atlas, by Archroma. And when Dr. Tim Fox came to us to help change how the world perceives aging, the result was greater empowerment of new recruits to fulfill their career goals through empathy, integrity, and a culture of respect.

When you call us at BOLTGROUP, you’re wanting to make a change to your business. We achieve that for you by transforming your brand into a high performing asset. One of the most valuable assets you own.


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