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May 10th, 2016

The Cost-Smart Way to Improve Customer Experience

What’s it really like to use your product? Sure, it does what it is supposed to. But is it easy, intuitive, even joyful? Or is it sometimes frustrating or confusing? If your customers aren’t having good experiences with your product, it’s time to make a change. Design is an ideal tool to make a lasting improvement to your product experience. Here’s why:

The difference between a good product and a great product

Your customers interact with hundreds of consumer products every day. Most are highly forgettable. But some are different. Special. They don’t just work, they work beautifully. We recommend them to coworkers. We give them as gifts. We return to these products again and again. We make them part of our lives. What is it that sets these products apart? What is it that improves the customer’s experience? It’s the design. Not just the look, but the feel and function as well. Good design makes customers say “I love this!”

The design process puts your product through its paces

How can design make my product—and customer experience—better? It’s all about the process. When you redesign your product, you don’t just toss a new idea into the marketplace, and hope for the best. That is the last step. The first step starts with your customer. A deep investigation of your customer and their environment reveals valuable insights and opportunities. From this solid foundation, designers go through an exhaustive process to develop and test various ideas. After rigorous prototyping and further user testing, they refine the product’s form and function to ensure a positive and memorable product experience for every type of user. A “wow” experience. Now it’s ready for market.

Good design can actually reduce your costs

Design isn’t just about adding the latest product feature or using a new, higher cost material. It’s about considering your product in a whole new light. Can it be made more efficient with reduced parts and assembly time? Can we be smarter about packaging or shipping containers? Sometimes during this process, designers discover a fundamentally new approach to your product that costs substantially less. And that means a better in-store price. When you engage designers early in the process and develop robust project criteria, design can be a cost savings tool—and that improves any customer’s experience.

Your customers interact directly with your products on a regular basis. The design process can make sure that interaction is remarkable, even joyful.

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