Safe Exchange UV Mailbox
May 15th, 2020

Safe Exchange UV Concept: Safely Disinfect Mail & Packages

The Safe Exchange UV is a novel concept that can  reduce risk and anxiety  related to  receiving  mail and packages at home.  This simple plug-in mail locker relies on medical grade germicidal lamps, specifically in the far UV-C portion of the light spectrum, to  disrupt DNA replication and effectively kill bacteria and viruses  on your mail, packages, and deliveries in a matter of minutes.

A reflective interior, coupled with a removable wire basket helps to ensure that packages placed inside are properly bathed in far UV-C light from all angles. The touch surfaces on the product are made from brass, a naturally antimicrobial and tarnish-resistant copper alloy. A convenient foot pedal action provides an easy, hands-free option for access as well. When the sterilizing cycle is complete, the blinking LED logo lets you know your  packages are clean and ready to be handled.

Safe Exchange UV Mailbox
Safe Exchange UV Mailbox

Safe Exchange UV is a concept being developed by BOLTGROUP to help homeowners receive mail and deliveries with confidence while keeping their family safe. The concept is still under development—let us know what you think so we can make it better. What new precautions are you and your family taking to stay safe and prevent viral transmission?

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