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May 2nd, 2017

Best Practices to Keep Your Social Media #OnFleek

You may be surprised to learn that the all-time experts at using social media are YouTube personalities! Yep. From Claire Marshall to Blue Hamilton, these skilled practitioners use YouTube as a primary tool to share their lives, a.k.a. their brand. Next, they promote their content on Twitter and Instagram through words and imagery to interact with their followers. Feedback is then used to create even better content. Because of this continuous engagement, their channels have much higher traffic and followership. Which, in turn, can attract contractual interest from big companies.

Of course, this didn’t happen instantly or easily. The keys to success are establishing a brand and strategy, filming intriguing videos, curating a visual Instagram feed, and, last but not least, unrelenting diligence.

You’re probably thinking, “Wow, I need to up my social media game!” You’ve come to the right place.

Tips to Boost Brand Recognition on Social Media

1. Brand your graphics

Remember the all-important visual identity you’ve established? Your social graphics should reflect that from typography to color palette. Coca-Cola, for example, does not shy away from the color red or from showcasing their product. Quiksilver’s video thumbnails and closing graphics feature their iconic mark and surfer typefaces. Additionally, make sure your profile, cover photos, and avatars use the same graphics for optimal brand recognition on all social channels.

2. Be image conscious

Photography is a window to your company’s world, so share images that capture the essence of your brand culture. Will Taylor of Bright.Bazaar is a fan of all things color, and it’s apparent on his Instagram feed. When editing images on the fly, use VSCO to give your images an analog feel. When posting to Instagram, stick to 2-4 filter types for color consistency. Keep in mind, most newer devices have retina display, so it’s important to share high resolution, in focus photos.

3. Keep your tone real

Social media is the best platform to let your Brand Personality shine to the public. Whether you’re a law firm or food truck company, your tone should be conversational and relatable. Twitter gives you just 140 characters to express yourself—hey, Madonna!—and grab the attention of your followers. When in doubt, use emojis to add texture to your posts. Netflix, Oreo, and Taco Bell are great examples of Twitter used well, employing humor and witty visuals to get followers to retweet and hit that “like” button. Other platforms, such as Facebook, don’t have character limitations, so take that opportunity to really expand your messaging.

4. Use the power of hashtags

Hashtags are the most effective way for users to find your content organically, as well as curate your campaigns. Be smart when creating hashtags—the first (and second) hashtag should be unique to your company / campaign, while subsequent hashtags are industry- or meme-related for relevancy. Typically, it is best practice to use up to four hashtags per post. On Instagram, use the comment section to add other filler hashtags for more traction. Once you have amassed a huge following, and reached Chick-fil-A status, hashtag use can be lessened to one (or none!).

5. Learn to love schedules

Consistency is the key to ensure engagement of current followers and attract new ones. Having a content calendar mapped a month in advance allows you to track analytics—which days and which times get the most activity, and what content gets the most traction. This enables you to tailor your posts accordingly for the next month. Use scheduling tools such as Hootsuite and ScheduGram, or Facebook’s and Tumblr’s schedule post feature. Milestone content can be queued weeks in advance, allowing your team opportunities to interact with followers, retweet posts, and create filler content. It may seem daunting at first, but your time and sanity will thank you in the long run.

6. Keep it short

To prevent URL truncation, use shorteners like Some of these tools have built in analytics ( to help track your links. IFTTT is a great tool for sharing content on all linked accounts with just a few clicks.

With these tips in mind, you can take social media by storm! In no time, you’ll have traffic and followership to make both your wallet and your competition green.

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