D’Van Howard

Industrial Designer

Having an interest in science and technology as a child, D’Van was led to study Mechanical Engineering at the University of Kentucky, but along the way discovered a passion for more creative endeavors. So, after completing his engineering degree, he decided to return to school for Industrial Design at the University of Cincinnati.

Blending together technology and art, Industrial Design filled the gap that D’Van felt was missing in his engineering education. His experience includes medical, consumer brands, and startup / inventor projects. As a multi-disciplinary designer, D’Van aims to solve his itch for untangling problems by combining his engineering and design backgrounds to bring thoughtful and impactful products into the world.

Is An Expert In:

Understanding Behaviors and Problem Solving Ideation Concept Design 3D Printing Strategic Thinking Product Visualization

What Makes Me Me:

Trying new foods and drinks Making pizza, then eating said pizza Being interested in too many things Learning new skills Podcast connoisseur Bowling Anime / Sci-fi / Superhero TV shows and movies Board games / card games