Shannon English

Market Research

Shannon has always been interested in how people make decisions. This interest led her to pursue degrees in Journalism & Mass Communication (Advertising Concentration) and Psychology from UNC-Chapel Hill. She began her marketing career at Lowe’s where she learned how to implement consumer research as an end user. Following her passion for how those consumer insights are generated, she joined Keynote Consulting, a boutique marketing research firm dedicated to uncovering core aspects of consumer decision-making. Along the way, she picked up a law degree which has allowed her to utilize the same kinds of marketing research methodologies to help litigators prepare for mediation or trial. From home improvement to apparel, from retailers to health care providers, Shannon has made a reputation for providing the insights that build businesses. She is experienced in both qualitative and quantitative research techniques and, importantly, is valued for her ability to turn research findings into actionable marketplace advantages. Shannon joined BOLTGROUP to ensure that all projects are rooted in a strong foundation of consumer knowledge.

Is An Expert In:

Brand Equity & Positioning New Concept Testing Target Profiling & Segmentation Path-To-Purchase Analysis Attitude & Usage Creative/Messaging Assessment Qualitative/Quantitative Research Methodologies: in-depth-interviews, focus groups, online discussion boards, ethnographies, online surveys, data analysis & reporting

What Makes Me Me:

Reading Hiking With My Family Eating Outside Whenever Possible A Good Farmers' Market Any Kind Of Outdoor Music/Festival Loving On Our Old Dog Time On The Beach In Every Season