Melissa Stone


Since she was eight years old, Melissa has been an avid reader and writer of, well, stuff. Her college English teacher, Mme. Maxine Vineaux, was infamously stingy with a compliment, but nevertheless informed Melissa: “You can write.” Melissa was subsequently informed during an ad agency internship that “she had great rhythm”–and having two left feet, she suspected they meant her writing. (They did.) What followed was a fulfilling career as a copywriter, senior writer, and ultimately, creative director for successful firms. She’d move heaven and earth for BOLTGROUP, which is why we provide her with meticulously detailed project notes and unfailingly generous praise. She deserves both.

Is An Expert In:

Using Words to Captivate + Persuade Extreme Word Economy Surprising + Delighting the Reader Teasing the Most Pertinent Information from a Client Agency Pacing + Quick Turnarounds

What Makes Me Me:

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs Did We Mention Dogs? Wanderlust Anything Outdoors Lake Living Home Décor, Renovation + Tours Art Galleries Sculpture BFF + Playmate + Husband = Gordon Our Charleston Getaway