Mark Gildersleeve

Sr. Experience Designer

Someone once told Mark, “You should get a job doing something you would do if no one paid you.” For him, that something was design. Mark has a passion for creating uniquely memorable solutions to everyday problems and challenges. His professional road started at BOLTGROUP in the late 1980s, and since then it’s safe to say that he’s been around the block and back a few times exploring the wide world of design. In addition to designing high-end retail stores, fixtures, and displays, Mark has also been the creative director for several multi-million dollar immersive, themed attractions for theme parks across the country and around the world. He approaches every design project with the goal of creating a powerfully memorable, branded experience.

Is An Expert In:

Design + Creative Direction 3D Modeling & Rendering 3D Environments Retail Stores Custom Displays Fixtures Photoshop Wizardry Old-School Sketching Memorable Branded Retail + Entertainment Experiences

What Makes Me Me:

Driving Fun + Fast Cars Laughing Playing Guitar Traveling + Sightseeing with the Family Theme Parks A Perfectly Grilled Filet Mignon