August 13th, 2020

Virtual Collaboration For Innovation

Collaboration is a crucial part of the design process. Working remotely hasn’t changed that. While our team continues to do their part to contain the spread of COVID-19, we’ve also refined our time-honored design-innovation processes to match. While it may be some time before we’re physically gathered around an easel again, our ideas have never flowed more seamlessly between us. Having the right technology, processes, and people make it all possible, letting us connect with both our clients and one another in fresh ways to get the job done right.

Design is by nature, adept. We’ve made it our business to adapt and overcome.

To see a glimpse of what virtual ideation looks like at BOLTGROUP, check out the short video above.

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At BOLTGROUP, we rely on virtual collaboration methods as the cornerstone of our remote work strategy. For great ideas to take shape, it’s critical that designers, engineers, and experts work together seamlessly, even if they can’t be in the same room. That’s why we use technology to bring people together virtually. We’re experts with digital tools like advanced pen input displays, virtual whiteboards and video teleconferencing. Working together creatively with our clients, from anywhere, is our new normal.

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