Beyond COVID-19

Design Innovation for the 'New Normal'

The world has changed, and so have the people in it. That includes your customers, your employees and the community in which you do business. So the question is: Has your business evolved, the best way possible, to serve these people where they are now?

At BOLTGROUP, we’re applying our Design Innovation process to help senior executives address this critical business issue – to turn this growing challenge into new, business-building opportunity. The process works only by putting these people at the center of it.

If you haven’t done the rigorous work to understand what matters now, to the people in your business ecosystem, but know you need to, let us know.

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illustrations of 8 men and women in a grid

Your Brand’s Culture vs COVID-19. Make Sure You Win.

The pandemic happened. Changes were forced on us. It affected us all, even as we rode out the storm. But it was a tumbleweed ride and we’ve all come out...
illustration of people working in various positions
By Chris Cureton

4 Reasons the ‘New Normal’ Means You Need Design Innovation

Design Innovation happens only after first investigating the human-centric issues that underpin various problems, challenges, or opportunities facing your business. That research, analysis, and contemplation are where insights are gained...
Oransi mod air purifier control panel

A Breath of Fresh Air

We helped Oransi, a passionate provider of air purification products, to boost their market position with award winning design, wowing consumers with its precision engineering and stunning aesthetics.
Solid Surface Care Informational Poster

The Science and Art of Surface Care

We helped SOLID Surface Care, a facility care provider, to quickly position themselves as leaders in delivering “return to the office with confidence” services and supporting communications.
Episode 1

Innovations That Matter – Episode 01

COVID-19 is changing the way we think about everything. As designers, we're intensely curious about innovation of all kinds and even more so when human ingenuity is born out of...
Virtual Collaboration for Innovation

Virtual Collaboration For Innovation

Collaboration is a crucial part of the design process. Working remotely hasn’t changed that. See how we’ve enhanced our virtual collaboration processes to keep us connected with our clients, and...
Safe Exchange UV Mailbox
By Matt Green

Safe Exchange UV Concept: Safely Disinfect Mail & Packages

The Safe Exchange UV is a novel concept created by BOLTGROUP industrial designers to help reduce risks and anxiety related to receiving mail & packages at home utilizing medical grade...
White Paper
illustration of 2 cell phones with people reaching out from screen
By Jamey Boiter

In Times Of Crisis Reputations Are Built (and Destroyed)

The world, as we have known it, will likely not just revert to the way it was. It never has after a global crisis, much less one of this magnitude....
Visor Shield Engineered View

Visor-Shield Presents A Comfortable, High Quality PPE Option

With companies around the world stepping up to alleviate the global PPE shortage, the Visor-Shield presents a quick and easy alternative that works by pairing with any regular billed cap....
illustration of man at desk with open computer

What Business Leaders Are Thinking During COVID-19

This report includes the results of our Business Leader COVID-19 Crisis Attitudinal Survey, and shows how a sample of business leaders are assimilating the COVID-19 crisis. Our goal is to...
prototype of fearless touch device

The Fearless Touch COVID-19 Device

The Fearless Touch was designed as a hands-free way to manipulate door handles and press buttons during the COVID-19 pandemic, and can be 3D printed.

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