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The Man. The Daughter. The Vision.

As Nat Nast's brand agency, BOLTGROUP used brand pillars to create seasonal sales collateral, trade show booths, promotions, and advertising.
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Beautifully designed silk shirts for men. The true story of a renaissance man. Perfect ingredients for a powerful new brand. But where was the truth that would resonate with discerning consumers?

Patty Nast Canton, daughter of Nat Nast, knew it was there, but hadn’t been able to capture it creatively. With her second season bearing down and her own time fully booked, BOLTGROUP took the reins as Nat Nast’s brand agency. We completely immersed ourselves into finding the key to Nat and realizing Patty’s vision.

Nat Nast Sticker Icons


Who would embrace this brand? What kind of man? The initial inspiration was the classic mid-century lifestyle. A time when Frank Sinatra and Cary Grant captured our imagination and wooed our hearts. When the world was a place to be discovered. A time when chivalry was alive and well, and the martini lunch was not only allowed, but expected!

BOLTGROUP fully explored the period (martinis and all) and unearthed the true pillars of the Nat Nast brand. Travel. Transportation. Music. A place. A car. A song. These were things that today’s guy could still connect with emotionally. And they would tie back perfectly to “The Good Times.”


Using these brand pillars, we helped create themes each season that evoked the times of Nat Nast—and brought Patty’s vision to life. Every touchpoint of the brand was considered—the trim and labeling, line sheets, lookbooks, and promotions. The trade show booth became a temple to the brand, radiating mid-century charm. After a couple of seasons of stellar growth, national advertising campaigns were launched to take the brand to the consumer.

Nat Nast matured into one of the premier brands in men’s luxury apparel and has stayed there for many years. Its popularity spawned product placement opportunities in movies and television. Stars and celebrities have embraced the message and the beautiful clothing embodied in the brand.


As a designer, I had a vision for Nat Nast. BOLTGROUP helped us fully realize and extend that vision so it could be expressed clearly and consistently as our brand. They did it beautifully and with great style. Their creativity brought Nat Nast to life at every point of contact with our customers. Without question, their tireless efforts on our behalf, delivered tangible results that made a significant contribution to our success.

— Patty Nast Canton, President and Director of Design, Nat Nast

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