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Scaling a Business by Challenging the Status Quo

Following new acquisitions, and with plans for more, NSI Industries was looking for assistance in repositioning their company to support the type of growth that would help them better serve their customers within stagnant industries. They made the decision to leverage BOLTGROUP’s strategic expertise to solidify a brand and communication strategy based on customer and market research that allowed for the scaling of the company to new heights.
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NSI was outgrowing its humble beginnings as an electrical components manufacturer. Like many companies, they had a recipe for success but needed to figure out how to serve their customers at an even larger scale—without losing what their customers appreciated and love about them.

The reality was that with their acquisitions came complexities that had to be simplified for continued success. What was needed was a strategy that resonated with all of NSI’s current stakeholders and would entice future stakeholders. In order to orchestrate that strategy, more insights were needed to understand the opportunities in front of NSI, and the internal and external challenges to be addressed in order to take advantage of them.

NSI logo components
NSI 18-wheeler truck graphics
NSI logo carved into stone
NSI logo on a hard hat

BOLTGROUP conducted the qualitative and quantitative research needed to understand the brand equity held by NSI and its constituents so that mere gut feelings could be contrasted with objective data. This data, when married with workshops and in-depth interviews with key stakeholders, gave the team a holistic perspective and roadmap that would lead to the definition of the NSI brand foundation. That foundation became the filter for the building of the larger brand ecosystem—its architecture, its audiences, and its merger and acquisition strategy.

Interior spreads of NSI culture guide

This gave BOLTGROUP and NSI the tools needed to begin the appropriate repositioning of the company through its visual identity and brand communications. The teams simultaneously began communications internally and externally by creating the assets needed for onboarding employees, outfitting a new corporate headquarters, communicating to customers, and reintroducing the company to multiple industries.

NSI division logo lockups
cardboard boxes

With the core philosophy of Making Connections, NSI has established itself as no longer an electrical product brand, but the parent company and driving force behind market-leading brands and products within the electrical, building technology, and HVAC industries. They maintain the same fresh perspective and caring approach that got them started. They just do it as a much larger company now. Staying grounded in the principles of service and value, NSI continues to deliver high-quality, industry-advancing, and comprehensive product solutions.


BOLTGROUP has been an indispensable partner to NSI over the past 2 years. The team dove right in to understand a dynamic business and took the lead to help us establish our brand purpose, mission, positioning and identity. We simply could not have achieved what we have without BOLTGROUP as our partner. The team’s experience and approach are world-class and we are thrilled to have them as part of our team."

— Jim Piazza, VP Marketing, NSI Industries

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