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Glucose meters need not be stodgy or medicinal. For the active young adult BOLTGROUP created Sugar.
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BOLTGROUP does lots of exciting design work for clients, but every now and then our creative teams want to pursue one of their own many innovative ideas. When schedules permit, we love to encourage these creative ventures. It gives us all new experiences that may benefit our clients—especially start-ups. Our staff gets additional creative outlet and the company earns additional revenue. And, last but not least, we might make a positive change in the world we all share.

In the case of people with diabetes, we have first-hand knowledge of how tough it is to monitor blood sugar levels and track glucose trends. Glucose meters are uncomfortable and difficult to use. The digital interface does not graphically communicate glucose trends. What’s more, they are unattractive and decidedly uncool, especially for young people. Our goal was to develop a technology solution to overcome these deficits in a sporty glucose watch that fashion-conscious users will love to wear.

Sugar Watch Communication Illustration
Sugar Watches Renderings


We employed budding, non-invasive technology, soon to be available. Our team conceptualized a sensor that reads glucose levels in the skin and sends the readings continuously to the Sugar Glucose Watch. The watch alerts the user when they approach glucose limits—especially important around meals and exercise. The flexible elastomeric strap and the organic LED (OLED) display allow active diabetics to play hard in any environment without losing sight of sugar levels. And the large graphic display shows trends at a glance.

Product Sugar remains one of BOLTGROUP’s more advanced concepts. We have received dozens of enthusiastic offers for manufacturing, distribution, and use from around the globe—Asia, Europe, Africa, and the U.S. We believe that someday in the near future, with the Sugar glucose watch, patients of all ages will be inspired to take control of their blood sugar levels, learn how their body responds to food and activity, and live healthier lives.


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