Live. Love. Vluxe.

BOLTGROUP created a design language for vluxe that guided every element of the brand including a complete integrated brand identity system.
What We Did

Brand Strategy

Brand Architecture

Brand Naming

Visual Identity System

Experience Design

Color Palettes

Trim + Packaging

Brand Design + Communications


Retail Design


Video Production

Direct Mail

Trade Show

Promotional Design


Art Direction

Brand Guidelines


Brand Coaching + Training

Brand Stewardship

Brand Production

Fabrication Coordination + Fulfillment



When a man named Lucky makes a shirt called vluxe, you know there’s got to be a good story behind it. For some, telling Lucky’s story of passion, conviction, and dedication to design would be a challenge. But for BOLTGROUP, it came easy. That’s because we know Lucky and all those qualities are in his heart. And on his sleeve. Our job was to capture that truth, that “joie de vivre,” and build it into every touchpoint of the brand.


The brand wanted to be happy, not taking itself too seriously—in a fashion world that can be suffocatingly serious. It wanted to allow for individual expression among its wearers. Self assured and unafraid to be yourself. Quality. Style. Workmanship. It all needed to be reflected throughout the brand experience. BOLTGROUP transformed these pillars into a design language that guided every element of the brand including a complete integrated brand identity system, direct mail, line sheets, lookbooks, video, web, trade and consumer advertising, promotion, and exhibit space.


vluxe embodies the lifelong passion to make a garment that both feels good on and makes you feel good inside. Today the brand is alive and well, thanks to Lucky. Expanding into new categories, each with its own story to tell. And as fresh as ever. live. love. vluxe.


We set out to build a brand that offers the man with a taste for something out of the ordinary, a product that is of extraordinary quality and expressive design. Working with the team was so comfortable and easy, and what we achieved was much more. vluxe is a state of mind. A way of life. The good life.

— Lucky Nahum, Designer, vluxe

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