Foxtail Welcome Kit
February 13th, 2018

I’ll Have What He’s Having

One of the things I enjoy about my job is the challenge. As designers we’re constantly asked to create “aha” moments for clients. These moments, whether large or small, always have one purpose—to transform the brand through valuable engagement with the audience. Delivering high value with every experience is critical to driving brand preference. But the way to accomplish that isn’t the same for everyone.

So how do you create “aha” moments for your brand?

First, reference your brand’s foundation and check that your execution is rooted in your brand purpose and pillars. Then make sure you understand your audience. If your brand empowers the user, be certain that it is evident in the messaging and the photography. If your brand is a disruptor, then the execution should follow suit, and aim to disturb the average day-to-day experience. It is this direct link to your foundation and purpose that creates the transformation to propel your brand forward.

Sometimes you have to create the perfect opportunity in unexpected places rather than simply waiting for it. To build brand awareness, you always have to be on—capitalizing on every moment. But not necessarily on a grand scale. Sure, a Super Bowl ad with a leading actor from Stranger Things that seemingly mocks every other ad is great…nice work Tide! But that approach is not always feasible. A well-crafted execution can also deliver a powerful message on a more subtle scale, when your customers least expect it.

FOX Rehabilitation is one of the largest clinician-owned physical, occupational, and speech therapy private practices in the nation. It is built on the unique offering of Geriatric House Calls™. When FOX secured sponsorship for a major executive leadership summit late last year, they challenged BOLTGROUP to come up with an impactful idea to reach 100 major thought leaders and policy makers in the Senior Living industry.

Challenge accepted! Knowing most of these executives had long flights, we thought beyond a typical printed leave-behind, and instead offered up a gift in their hotel room with a twist. A custom FOXtail kit welcomed each executive upon entering their room. Knowing recipients would be weary from travel, we pushed past the ordinary to have an impact. Expertly sourced and beautifully presented, each kit offered the ingredients to make a “FOX Fashioned” drink. The message delivered a twist on the ordinary Old Fashioned cocktail, much like the pillars of the FOX brand push past the ordinary. FOX seeks new and different ways of thinking and doing things. That’s how clinicians provide the correct dose and length of care, based upon specific evidence for each client. Their outcomes prove it’s a recipe for success.

This is just one example that using a distinctive approach, with a twist on the message to support the brand’s foundation, can create an “aha” moment that truly resonates with the audience. The FOX leadership team received raves from recipients about what a great idea it was. Achieving instant brand awareness in a unique way. Now, what can we serve up for your company?

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