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Refreshed. Respositioned. Recharged. (Round 2)

BOLTGROUP established a complete new brand foundation and refresh for FOX Rehab, and broadcast the FOX brand ecosystem to every single touchpoint.
What We Did

Brand Strategy

Brand Architecture

Brand Naming

Experience Design

Visual + Verbal Identity System

Brand Design + Communications

Color Palettes


Video Production

Direct Mail


Art Direction


Brand Guidelines

Brand Coaching + Training

Brand Stewardship

Brand Production

Fabrication Coordination + Fulfillment

FOX Rehab Logo Executions


In Round 1, BOLTGROUP helped FOX Rehabilitation establish its true brand. One that spoke to clinicians’ longing to make a genuine difference with clients through Geriatric House Calls™. Mission accomplished. Now, several years later, CEO, Dr. Tim Fox, came back to BOLTGROUP requesting another great leap forward. He knew his brand needed fine tuning and updates, but he also wanted the brand to embody the evolved culture they’d built. Solution: FOX Brand Round 2.

Why The FOX Way Works Graphic


First, we totally re-immersed ourselves into the FOX brand. As we worked, our research revealed the current pillars of the brand. Building upon these, we explored new and engaging ways to celebrate and communicate the brand’s purpose—To assist our aging community in achieving the best life possible with knowledge, compassion, and respect. Dr. Fox was more dedicated than ever to his life’s mission to eradicate ageism. We knew there was nothing else like this in the marketplace. With the establishment of a complete new brand foundation and refresh, we set out to broadcast the FOX brand ecosystem to every single touchpoint. Refreshed visual identity; new responsive, content-driven website; social media strategy; new conference and trade show booth; and new digital recruitment campaign.

FOX Brand Standards
FOX Brand Standards Pages
FOX Rehabilitation Brand & Culture Field Guide
FOX Rehab Icons
FOX Rehab Business papers


As the largest clinician-owned and operated private practice in the country, FOX has a new, more on-point foundation, brand pillars, and message. The brand now fully expresses its natural overarching compassion. The result is that FOX is:

  • Setting new hire records month after month,
  • Making more than 800,000 house calls per year, and
  • Expanding into new states.
FOX Rehab Territory Map
FOX Website Homepage scroll On A Desktop Computer
FOX Rehab Mobile Website
FOX Rehab Trade Show Presence

We are proud to report that Round 2 is also helping to make Dr. Fox’s vision, “To positively change how the world perceives aging,” a reality.


BOLTGROUP did another fantastic job when we re-engaged—just as I knew they would. We asked them to help take this great practice to the next level, and they have. We are all very excited for what’s to come.

— Dr. Tim Fox, FOX Rehabilitation

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