Chris Cureton

Principal | VP Brand Design

Chris was lucky enough to have a high school teacher that took the time to observe and translate his skills and personality into a career path recommendation. That teacher saw what she called the “Renaissance Man” in him, and thought he would thrive in the design field where he would be able to blend his work ethic with his natural abilities and curiosities. Chris then went to school to study art and design, and has been in the field as a professional for over a decade, working within an extremely broad range of industries, and performing many different roles within the creative process. Notable clients include: Aeropostale, Carnival Cruise, Circle K, Lowe’s, Microsoft, Mood Media (formerly Muzak), and many more.

Chris was introduced to BOLTGROUP as an undergrad. Jamey Boiter came in to speak and Chris was profoundly intrigued by the approach and expertise of Jamey and the company. He sent Jamey a thank you card, and later gained more insight and knowledge as a BOLTGROUP intern and then part-time employee. More than 10,000 hours of experience later, Chris has returned to BOLTGROUP to continue learning and contributing what he has come to know.

As VP of Brand Design at BOLTGROUP, Chris leads all brand and digital initiatives, from research and strategy, through design and implementation, with a diverse and talented team of curious, empathetic researchers, strategists, and designers.

Is An Expert In:

Brand Evaluation Brand Strategy Logo Design Identity Development Art Direction Packaging Design Concept Development

What Makes Me Me:

Symbol Researcher North Carolina Native Carolina Panthers Fan Dog Lover Coffee & Tea Maker / Drinker Artist Cross Training
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