Kurt Rampton

Principal | VP Product Design

What’s that on Kurt’s mantel, you ask? Why, it’s his IDSA Student Merit Award for the Southern District that he picked up at Georgia Tech while graduating with highest honors. From there, he began his career with Atlanta design firms working on a wide variety of products, including sports and exercise products, tools and equipment, and furniture. BOLTGROUP was lucky to nab him in 2010, bringing him onboard to work on innovative solutions for all types of manufacturers. Kurt was born to design—with a love for drawing, sculpture, and building contraptions from a very young age—and he flourishes in a career that combines art and fashion with physics and geometry.

Is An Expert In:

Design Communication Problem Solving Creative Exploration Sustainable Design Sketching 3D Rendering Concept Rendering

What Makes Me Me:

Backcountry Mountain Biking in Western NC Getting Lost in the Woods Building Really Big Fires + Tree Forts Gardening DIY Home Improvement Projects Urban Cycling Adventures (e.g., Tour de Charlotte) Pizza Creation + Consumption German Pilsner Sampling Playing Music Too Loud
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