Robin Konieczny

Strategy Partner

First, Robin wanted to be an artist and then a lawyer and then a pastor and then a doctor and then…her brother told her to PICK SOMETHING! So, she chose advertising where she has gotten to meet and write advertising for doctors and artists and pastors and bankers, but not lawyers. Yet.

Her career began in London at Saatchi and Saatchi, the second largest agency in the world at the time. Back in the states she developed campaigns and eventually led creative and marketing strategies for iconic brands like Starbucks, Rubbermaid, Pampers, Trane, Husqvarna, and Kobalt Tools. Her work has won the world’s most prestigious advertising awards, including Cannes Lions and Clios.

Robin has lectured at Wake Forest and UNC Charlotte, she holds a BS from William & Mary, a Master’s degree from Virginia Commonwealth University and has completed post-graduate studies at the University of Virginia and Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary. She and her husband, Jim, founded and ran two successful businesses for nearly 20 years: 1) a Brand and Marketing Agency serving international clients from China, Europe, Columbia and the US and, 2) an equine facility caring for horses and their owners from Germany, Arabia, and Sweden. When you meet her, ask her to compare the two businesses. We think you’ll be amused by the answer.

Is An Expert In:

Competitive Marketing Strategy Brand Portfolio Perspective Brand Positioning + Personality Asking the Right Questions Listening to the Answer Behind the Answer Story Writing Writing That Evokes Emotions The Magical Intersection of Audio & Imagery Balancing a Tennis Racquet on her Nose Playing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” on her Hands Baking Pizza on a Campfire in the North Maine Wilderness Hypnotizing a Frog

What Makes Me Me:

My Husband, Jim F-150 Forever Wise Horses & Dogs G.R.I.T.S. A Well-Told Joke Stamina The Great Outdoors Bookends The English Language The Quest for Blanton’s Football Family VA + NC Mountains
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