Chris Trausch

Digital Development Partner

A Purdue University graduate with a BS degree in technical graphics, Chris originally went to school focused on a business degree, until he observed a friend working in AutoCAD. The next semester he entered into technical graphics with a focus on engineering graphics that soon shifted again to web / multimedia development (yes, back then they developed CD-ROM multimedia applications).

Chris began his brief career with such companies as and Unifi Technology until the 2000 dot com implosion, which led him to hire himself. After almost 20 years, he has worked alongside some incredible companies including Bank of America, Michelin, GE, Ingersoll Rand, IRWIN Industrial Tools, Hyundai, and The Weather Channel, just to name a few. He enjoys building lasting relationships with many businesses in the Charlotte community and supporting client / partner initiatives.

Outside of work, Chris can be found at either the local kart racing track supporting his wife (driver) or exploring the eastern part of the country.

Is An Expert In:

Web Design / Development Video Production Drone Work Product Photography Going Above and Beyond

What Makes Me Me:

#vanlife Purdue Boilermaker Still Hanging onto the Drew Brees' Era Officially Licensed To Fly and Dive (FAA & PADI) Semi-Non-Professional Fabricator Arguably the Best Karting Crew Chief in his Household Father of Two Dobermans Competitive 3Gun Shooter Maker of Overly Excessive Bonfires
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