Visor Shield Engineered View
June 18th, 2020

Visor-Shield Presents A Comfortable, High Quality PPE Option

With companies around the world stepping up to alleviate the global PPE shortage, face shields have taken many forms. However, a key limitation has remained. Face shields are still uncomfortable, especially for long periods of time. For first responders wearing face shields as part of their new daily routine, the typical design no longer feels suitable.

David Saul, a thoughtful citizen with a background in the optical industry, approached BOLTGROUP with a napkin sketch and an idea: What if a face shield could use a regular hat as the method for wear? His input and vision for a gasket-based solution provided the foundation for our team to imagine and develop a novel solution in record time.

Visor Shield

The Visor-Shield presents a comfortable, high quality option that works by pairing with any regular billed cap. Anyone with a comfortable hat can now have an equally comfortable face shield. A minimal three-part design firmly snaps together to combine a rugged pliable silicone gasket, with a sleek molded plastic frame. The gasket is designed to promote a stable and secure interface between the hat bill and the device while the frame holds the clear plastic shield in the perfect position.

By taking several cues from eyewear design, the Visor-Shield was created around a “base-6” curve to hold the shield in an optimal position to both wrap the face and limit optical distortion for the wearer. All the components can be easily disassembled by hand without tools or fasteners making them easy to clean without small parts to lose. This feature also allows for flexible lens options as well. Changing the clear shield out for one that is tinted or reflective could not be easier; a welcome benefit to those providing medical tests or aid outdoors.

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