June 16th, 2020

BOLTGROUP Client Makes It To SharkTank!

We’re so happy to see when our clients receive the recognition they deserve. Recently, one of our favorites, Little Burros, was featured on ABC’s “Shark Tank” (episode 20 of season 11 – 5.1 air date) and we couldn’t wait to catch up with the team.

Watch as our own Broc Buxton gets the scoop about what it takes to get on the show, what it’s like to hit the stage, and what happens after the show airs.

Want to learn more about Little Burros?
Click here to see how we were able to help them create the product and build the brand.


0:30 Bob Thorsen kicks off the conversation by telling the story of how the idea for Little Burros came about.
2:08 Bob recalls how he found BOLTGROUP.
3:18 Mollie shares why they applied to be on ABC’s “Shark Tank”.
4:16 How long do you have to wait from filming to airing? Bob and Mollie answer and share with Broc what it’s like to wait.
5:16 What do you do while you wait for the airing of your “Shark Tank” episode?
5:43 What does it feel like leading up to a “Shark Tank” pitch?
6:19 What is it like pitching on the “Shark Tank” stage?
6:55 How long does the filming last?
7:04 When presented with “Shark Tank” investment offers, Bob and Mollie share their decision-making process.
8:30 Bob and Mollie share what has happened since their episode aired.
9:20 Does the “Shark Tank” effect work during a pandemic?
10:43 Where are Little Burros available for purchase?
11:20 Broc congratulates Bob and Mollie on their success.
11:40 Bob and Mollie share their perspective on how BOLTGROUP has helped them get to this point.

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