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Through Design Innovation BOLTGROUP helped blinktbi design, engineer, brand, and launch an innovative technology that measures the blink reflex.
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Brand + Product Strategy



Product Miniaturization

Visual + Verbal Identity System

Electrical Engineering + Circuit Design

Mechanical Engineering

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Sometimes in the course of everyday work in the medical arena, a game-changing opportunity presents itself. Such was the case when Doug Carnes and Ryan Fiorini came to us to assist their team in bringing blinktbi to market. Applying science and technology in a new way through capturing and measuring the blink reflex, their new technology could provide objective data in under one minute. We knew how a fast, easy, and reliable way of assessing the blink reflex could impact lives forever, and we wanted to help in any way we could.

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Blinktbi Eyestat Product Air Cartridge


BOLTGROUP immediately immersed ourselves into their complex technology to understand how the detection and assessment needed to work. We learned the company’s business goals, and understood their culture and drive to keep athletes, soldiers, construction workers, and many others safer. An integrated product and brand strategy began to emerge that would guide product development, brand development, and go-to-market strategy for the product.

blinktbi Brand Standards
blinktbi brand standards overview
blinktbi brand standards logo
blinktbi brand standards logo use
blinktbi brand standards typography
blinktbi brand standards color palette
blinktbi brand standards stationery
blinktbi value proposition in field guide
Blinktbi Business Stationery

As our product design team worked on miniaturization, ergonomics, and engineering for manufacturing, our brand team worked in concert to develop UI protocols and iconography, while unpacking the brand to establish their purpose, pillars, positioning, and personality, and then unpack the digital strategy for web, tradeshow presence, and collateral.

Blinktbi Eyestat Product See Through View
Blinktbi Eyestat Product Top View
Blinktbi Eyestat Product Rear View
Blinktbi Electrical Circuit Design
Objective data in the blink of an eye


The EyeStat® blink reflexometer delivers 5 light puffs of air, directed near the eyelashes, to trigger the blink reflex in a 20 second test. The system employs the use of high-speed videography to record the blink reflex, track the eyelids, and measure a number of variables using a proprietary algorithm. This process provides fast, objective data to help medical personnel with clinical assessment and decision making. Because the blink reflex is involuntary, it cannot be manipulated by the subject, and conducting the test and receiving the results take under one minute total.

blinktbi eyestat device exploded view

Upon completion of clinical trials and FDA clearance the EyeStat is being deployed on high school and college fields around the country. blinktbi. Changing the game in a blink of an eye.


Our technology started off as a 100lb device sitting on top of a rolling cart. When we were told that compressing it down to a 4.5lb handheld device would be impossible, we brought the project to BOLTGROUP. They made the impossible happen and EyeStat was born.

— Dr. Ryan Fiorini - COO & Board Member, blinktbi

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