Elements Sleep

Waking Up a Market With a New Technology

Elements International, a fast-growing furniture wholesaler, planned to make its entry into bedding, as they saw an opportunity to pair their current capabilities with a new bedding technology in a hot market. Looking for a strong launch, they leveraged BOLTGROUP’s integrated product and brand expertise to bring a new line of products to retail.
what we did


Brand Strategy

Visual + Verbal Strategy

Brand Design + Communications

Visual Identity System

Packaging Design

POS (Point-of-Sale) System Design

Showroom Design

pillow package concept

Elements International was building a 177,564-sq. ft. plant to support its Elements Sleep mattress program that was, at the time, without a brand strategy and identity. To prepare for its opening and the marketing of products, BOLTGROUP was tasked with creating that brand strategy and identity, along with packaging design, a POS system design, and showroom design.

mattress retail packaging elements
logo elements with color family
pillow packaging family concepts

After researching the competitive landscape and lifestyle trends, BOLTGROUP developed the brand strategy that helped Elements Sleep carve out a bedding brand position in the market for products that utilize new compression techniques–turning bed-in-a-box into beds-in-a-smaller-box and pillows-in-smaller-containers. This not only gives the brand a unique footprint at retail but also transforms the mattress and bedding category buying experience, better aligning it to the experience of buying smaller retail and D2C products.

mattress retail elements

With the brand strategy in place, BOLTGROUP then designed a visual identity system that embodied it. The team designed innovative and differentiating packaging, a POS system, and a showroom to further tell the story. Elements Sleep is for those looking to optimize their performance in everyday life by improving their overall health and well-being. What is every day built on? Sleep. And with Elements Sleep, you can build every day on a strong foundation.

elements sleep showroom

Elements International completed the construction of their Elements Sleep plant and entered the market to rave reviews. The brand is now a champion for getting the most out of life, by supporting everyday’s foundation: sleep. The company continues to progress through its product pipeline, providing a continuously growing list of sleep-enriching solutions.


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