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BOLTGROUP created a visual + verbal identity, brand strategy, and website for Matchwell, a revolutionary flex staffing platform.
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Sometimes you just need a revolution. After working an entire career in healthcare, Robert Crowe knew that the healthcare staffing industry was ripe for such a move. He set out developing a concept to transform flex work as we know it. A cloud-based marketplace. Not a job board, but an innovative technology platform powered by recruiting experts who perform scrubbing, vetting, and culture pairing to create ideal matches that are ready to go when the need arises. But someone needed to breathe life into both his concept and his company.


Rob brought his passionate team to BOLTGROUP. We immediately immersed ourselves into the flex staffing industry and how his ideas would impact it. We learned the company’s business goals, their culture, and devotion to the greater good. A brand strategy began to emerge that would guide the naming of the company, the visual and verbal identity, the system that would manage it, and the recruiting campaign that would introduce “Matchwell” to the world.

Clinicians and Facilities connecting digitally
Matchball Field Guide cover and interior pages
Matchball Sales Brochure cover and interior pages
Matchwell Powerpoint designs

Working hand-in-glove with the Durham-headquartered Matchwell team, we established their purpose, pillars, positioning, and personality. Then came the full strategy and a plan to verbally and visually bring the vision to light. We were poised to forge a revolutionary change in healthcare through transformative workforce solutions, merging technology with the human touch. A dynamic mark, ideal to its existence in the digital space, and a serene color palette reflective of our specific market, not just healthcare in general. Plus an iconography system that helped storytell on the web and the platform.

Matchwell Digital Experience and Graphics
Why Matchwell visual and verbal graphics
Matchball Mobile Website
Matchball Website on a Laptop Screen
Matchwell social posts and feed


Every touchpoint of the Matchwell brand speaks precisely to their purpose: Serving the healthcare industry as agents of change and a positive force in bringing skilled professionals together. In a modern, meaningful, and compelling way. We’re thrilled to see how this brand has brought change for good to an industry that was overdue for a revolution.

Speaking of revolutions, in July 2022, Matchwell was acquired by Medical Solutions, one of the nation’s largest providers of total workforce solutions serving the healthcare industry. This acquisition serves to connect thousands of healthcare organization partners with hundreds of thousands of nurses and allied health professionals looking for travel, local contract, and per diem work, allowing them to accelerate their healthcare industry savings goal of $1 billion dollars. Matchwell is now serving over 215 cities in 26 states. And growing. And they have donated over 50,000 vaccines as part of their purpose-driven mission to give back wherever and whenever possible.


From day one, BOLTGROUP has been more than just a partner, but rather part of our team, helping us establish a brand that aligned with our business strategy and culture. Through a thoughtful visual and verbal identity, which included a full UI/UX of a web based technology platform, we were able to better position ourselves for a strong market launch.

— Rob Crowe, Founder & CEO, Matchwell

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