polar wand

Putting Magic In The Wand

BOLTGROUP's product design of the Polar Wand medical device won the prestigious Gold Award from the Medical Design Excellence Awards program.
What We Did

Industrial Design

Mechanical Engineering

User Research

User Insights videos

User Interface Design (UI)

Manufacturing Support

Electrical Engineering

Usability Testing

Performance Testing


Component Research + Specification

Brand Strategy

Naming + Graphic Identity

Retail Packaging

3D CAD Modeling

Production Part Documentation + BOMs



Sometimes a good idea just needs the right refinement to become a great performer. GI Supply acquired a new cryotherapy technology that could dramatically improve outcomes for patients with internal bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract. However, the technology was a crude prototype—unproven, difficult to use, impossible to reproduce, and inconsistent in effectiveness.


Our technology research led us to a solenoid-based system of liquid cryo delivery to ensure functionality. BOLTGROUP examined the test results, inspected the benchtop prototype, and interviewed clinicians to understand the critical human factors involved. Working with Johns Hopkins University we tested prototypes and dialed in the design. BOLTGROUP handled industrial design, mechanical and electrical engineering, and prototype development through to the point of initial manufacturing. Then to help seal the success we created the Polar Wand branding, packaging for the disposable catheter, and the trade show introduction for the product.

GI Supply Polar Wand In use in the operating room
GI Supply Polar Wand Exploded View


Polar Wand is now a successful product and a safe, effective therapy. Compared to competitive therapies Polar Wand is easier to use for the clinician and safer for the patient with fewer side effects. What’s more, the sale of Polar Wand’s disposable catheters provides ongoing revenue for GI Supply. The product’s design won the prestigious Gold Award from the Medical Design Excellence Awards program.


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