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BOLTGROUP developed the name, brand & package design for SPOT, an endoscopic marker by GI Supply.
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Brand Strategy
Brand Architecture
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Visual Identity System
Experience Design
Color Palettes
Brand Design + Communications

Video Production
Promotional Design
Direct Mail
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Visual Brand Language
Product Design
Brand Guidelines

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Brand Production
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One doctor’s smart idea can generate a great medical product. GI Supply has had lots of these smart ideas. Founded by a gastroenterologist, the company had a direct line to the best talent in the field. GI Supply enjoyed a successful business in medical garments and now wanted to expand into durable medical devices. What they lacked was a partner who could help validate their ideas and develop them into successful medical devices. BOLTGROUP was chosen and a long-standing relationship was born.

One of GI Supply’s many interesting ideas was the development of an endoscopic marker—an FDA approved tattooing ink that could be injected through an endoscope to mark where tissue samples were taken for ongoing treatment. Sort of an innovative way to mark the spot.


An uncomplicated, patient-friendly name was needed. One that was simple, elegant, and descriptive. The brand and package design had to be economical and needed to reflect the attitude in the endoscopy suite—professional, calming, and friendly. BOLTGROUP designers used readily available materials to create packaging that required only limited tooling. They chose a bright green color to be seen in the low-light conditions of the GI suite. And that’s how SPOT was born.


Innovative aesthetics, ease of use, and manufacturing cost were all optimized by the BOLTGROUP team. Almost immediately the results proved themselves, both day-to-day in the endoscopy suite and at IDSA winning the coveted IDEA Gold Award.


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