Creating the Digital User Experience

BOLTGROUP's experience in digital user interface design has helped numerous companies with clarity of information and ease of navigation.
What We Did

Consumer Insights Research

Ethnographic Research

Human Factors Research

User Personas and Scenarios

User Interface Design

Mobile App Design

Visual Design

Industrial Design

Usability Testing


Great product design today often hinges on the digital experience. The challenge is to design an experience so engaging that people keep coming back, and so easy that it feels like second nature. From embedded touch screens to mobile apps, BOLTGROUP creates complete product experiences that people love.

Case Studies

GE Energy: BOLTGROUP created the digital interface used in GE’s power plant control rooms around the world. Research with plant operators informed our design. Usability testing with UI prototypes validated our approach. The result is a multilayer interface with clarity of information and ease of navigation for critical plant operations worldwide.

Hayssen: In concert with our industrial design of their new packaging machine, BOLTGROUP created the visual interface for the machine’s control—transforming a complex web of information into an intuitive and appealing UI.

Sterno / CandleLamp: Our mobile app allows restaurateurs to photograph their restaurants, place Sterno’s lighting products right on their table, and select the product they like best.

Advantor: Building on their advanced smart home technology, BOLTGROUP created an equally advanced interaction design.

Amarr Garage Door Opener UI Map

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