prototype of fearless touch device
April 21st, 2020

The Fearless Touch COVID-19 Device

The Fearless Touch was inspired by an immediate need discovered through my daily struggle to safely move about the building in which I live. For me and many others in multi-family housing, simple tasks like checking the mail or taking out the trash can’t be accomplished without touching numerous public points of access. As an individual of particular vulnerability during this COVID-19 pandemic, the door handles, elevator buttons, and other touch points pose a barrier of risk during normal daily activities.

I needed a hands-free way to manipulate door handles and press buttons, and I needed it immediately. Thinking others may feel the same, I created the Fearless Touch Device that same day.

The simple flat shape was intentionally created to be printable by any 3D printer in the world, without the need for support material. The device was designed with the 95th percentile human hand dimensions taken into account, aiming to make it a natural hand extension for as many people as possible. The secure finger loop grip, inspired by Satterlee-style orthopedic bone saws, gives users a proven and reliable method to promote confidence and precision.

The device was released free to the public as an open-source design on March 27, 2020, with the intent of responding with speed and relevance rather than profit. Anyone can download the software at the link below and use this device to help mitigate high risk touches. It also includes a built in oxygen bottle wrench, pocket clip that can also be used to present IDs / credit cards, and a lanyard hole.

Get my 3D CAD here:

Rhino 6, STEP, IGES, 2D DXF, and printable STL included.

Download, print, use, and distribute it freely!

If you’d prefer to purchase directly as an alternative to making your own, you can do so here:

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